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Welcome to SuperMMX’s profile! Here are some of my own original or translated articles, as well as some small things I wrote. Everyone has nothing to do, maybe there will be some surprises :).

The homepage has not been updated for a long time. Last year, I put a lot of time on the translation of [Galaxy Star Galactica] . The energy involved in free software is not a lot, and it is a lot of waste, but I am still watching [mac-port] And [Gaim] , mac-port update is not much, especially the plugin update, has been far behind, the next step is to make these, [BMPx] , [GStreamer] ( need to update ),[Audacious] ( [someone has done] and so on. For Gaim, the biggest wish is VV support, I hope that I can be positive, and can make a contribution in this regard.

After moving to the new server in April last year, there were two big problems. One was a hacker and the machine was reinstalled. The Raid of the server provider was broken, and all the data was lost. Fortunately, the last time it was backed up, it can be restored in time. Lost data is not a lot, and many can be found online. This can all be a lesson.

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